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Wednesday 12th of December 2018 01:26 PM

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We have had 100% occupancy rate since moving to Natgroup 18 months ago. The Property Management staff are extremely efficient, professional, knowledgeable and courteous, and all dealings with them have been 100% positive. We have a Property Investment portfolio with a ‘peace of mind’ attitude.

Thank you Natgroup.

Submitted By : Steve & Gail Ikin

We have found the rental management team to be very attentive to our needs as landlords. We live interstate and it is great for us to know that we have good, smart managers on the job looking after our interests and the interests of good loyal tenants…

Submitted By : Wanita Bahnsen

Dealing with Angela was above average!We are very happy with the service we received, very professional, good communication during the entire time our home was on the market. Thankyou Angela for selling our home!

Submitted By : Mr & Mrs Poulier

\"We have found Natgroup Ormeau to be efficient in dealing with property management issues that come up from time to time and I have been particularly pleased with their ability to arrange and have finalised repairs and maintenance to our property when required.\"

Submitted By : C. Cox

You are the most helpful person we have dealt with.
If everyone else would do their job as well as you then this world would be a better place

Submitted By : Peter Beattie


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